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Cathay Pacific assesses fair sized widebodies for A330 substitution

Cathay Pacific is in for a sizeable request for fair sized widebodies as it expects to supplant its maturing Airbus A330s and Boeing 777s throughout the following couple of years. The Hong Kong-based transporter has given a solicitation for data to Airbus and Boeing, Bloomberg and Reuters have detailed, which is the principal period of a delicate.

  •  Cathay Pacific is looking to replace its older midsized widebody aircraft and has reached out to Airbus and Boeing for information.
  •  The airline is reportedly considering Boeing 787 Dreamliners, Airbus A330neos, or Airbus A350 widebody aircraft for the potential order.
  •  If placed, this would be Cathay’s largest order for widebody aircraft in a decade as the airline looks to recover from the financial impact of the pandemic and stimulate growth.

The Hong Kong-based transporter Cathay Pacific is trying to supplant a portion of its more established moderate sized widebody airplane and has given a solicitation for additional data to Airbus and Boeing in regards to its widebody airplane, as per a report by Bloomberg.

The carrier is purportedly thinking about Boeing 787 Dreamliners, Airbus A330neos, or Airbus A350 airplane for the potential multi-billion request. The particular airplane decision and the planning of the request situation are as of now obscure.

In a remark to Basic Flying, the transporter confirmed the continuous assessment of choices for a flexible moderate sized widebody airplane. Cathay Pacific said:

“Cathay is focused on proceeding to put resources into extending and modernizing our armada with best in class airplane to help our development plans. We consistently audit our armada improvement plans as per our future necessities. We are assessing choices for a flexible, medium sized widebody airplane that can embrace a scope of missions and develop our traveler and freight business.


Cathay Pacific assesses fair sized widebodies for A330 substitution
Cathay Pacific assesses fair sized widebodies for A330 substitution


The aircraft ceased from making huge orders as of late as it wrestled with the monetary outcomes of the Coronavirus pandemic, which affected the carrier harshly. The latest orders were for Airbus A350 vessels and single-passageway planes like the A320neo and the A321neo.

Aside from six A350 tankers, Cathay Pacific has eight A320neo and 28 A321neo airplane ready to go with the European airplane maker. Moreover, the transporter has 21 Boeing 777X widebodies on request with Boeing, a plane creator whose airplane have generally stood firm on a predominant foothold in Cathay’s armada, as per ch-flying. In any case, as of late, there has been a perceptible change for Airbus.

Aging widebody fleet

The Hong Kong full-service carrier currently has a fleet of 190 aircraft at an average age of 13.3 years old, as per ch-aviation data. The fleet comprises 56 Boeing 777s, 51 Airbus A330s, 48 Airbus A350s, 20 Boeing 747 freighters, 14 Airbus A321s, and a single Airbus A320 aircraft.


Among its widebody fleet, the oldest aircraft consist of Airbus A330-300s and Boeing 777-300s. The airline’s 51 A330-300s currently have an average age of 17.1 years, while the airline’s 17 777-300s have an average age of 22.4 years.

Despite some of its aging widebody aircraft, Cathay has plans to refurbish the cabins with a new cabin product and introduce new lounges, among other enhancements. In a comment to Simple Flying, the airline said:


“We have clear and significant money growth strategies to improve our client experience offering, including new airplane, new lodge items, new parlors, and the sky is the limit from there.
“We are excited to be bringing our customers an all-new Business class experience – Aria Suite this year as part of a redesign of our long-haul Boeing 777-300ER cabins. This will be followed by a new world-leading First class experience onboard our 777-9 aircraft, the first of which is scheduled to join our fleet in end 2025.”

Cathay Pacific assesses fair sized widebodies for A330 substitution


Cathay on the slow path to recovery

Cathay Pacific, when quite possibly of Asia’s most well known and regarded carrier, entered the pandemic period previously encountering a decay, and starting there forward, matters quickly declined. Three years post the pinnacle of the Coronavirus pandemic, the aircraft keeps on wrestling with difficulties in reestablishing and accomplishing its pre-pandemic limit levels.

As of the final quarter of 2023, information shows a significant 31% decrease in Cathay Pacific’s Accessible Seat Miles (ASMs) contrasted with a similar period in 2019. This differences with a simple – 1% decay noticed universally for all carriers. Regardless of the sluggish recuperation, Cathay Pacific expects an entire year benefit in 2023.

Cathay Pacific assesses fair sized widebodies for A330 substitution







What are your thoughts on Cathay’s potential future order for midsized aircraft? Which widebody would be best for its fleet renewal? Let us know in the comments section.




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